Canoe prices 2018

Canoe / Kayak Rent

Multiple day tours 2 ? 20 canoes Price
Day 1- 3 230 SEK/starting day
Multiple day tour with one canoe Price
Day 1- 3 300 SEK/starting day
Trip by the hour or day tours Price
1 canoe 375 SEK
2 or more canoes 300 SEK/canoe

Extra equipment / addons

Ekstra udrustning/tillæg Pris
Extra for 3rd person (canoe seat) 50 SEK/day
Foldable canoe transport trolley 50 SEK/day
Extra paddle, life jacket, seat, water tank 40 SEK/piece/day
Luggage container or tarpauling 30 SEK/piece/day
Spade, axe and saw (kit) 20 SEK/kit/day
Sleeping pad 20 SEK/piece/day
Trangia storm kitchen 20 SEK/piece/day
- Trangia fuel 70 SEK/liter
Canoe camping check 40 SEK /day/person above 12 Y.O.


Same price as canoes (see above). For a double kayak you pay an additional 75 SEK per day.

Canoe camping checks ? for overnight stay at canoe camping ground

If you canoe for several days is is mandatory to buy our canoe camping checks, serving as payment for over night stays at small canoe camping grounds along the route.

The camping grounds provide tent ground, barbecue facility, wood to chop and saw (not always dry), garbage containers and, in some cases, wind shelters. Drinking water is available at some sites.

Price: (see above).

Canoe Transportation

Up to 3 persons are included in the transportation free. The following prices depend on your choice of departure point. Parking is free at the canoe central. For transport from your canoe arrival point back to Nöttja or transport to another point of departure , you pay a startup fee of 250 SEK plus a fuel charge per kilometer.

You have to pay a fee of at least 250 SEK plus a price per km

Number of Canoes/Kayaks Price
1-2 canoes/kayaks 4.00 SEK/ km
3-4 canoes/kayaks 5.50 SEK/ km
5-6 canoes/kayaks 7.00 SEK/ km
7-8 canoes/kayaks 8.00 SEK/ km
9-10 canoes/kayaks 9.00 SEK/ km


It is possible to paddle the routes using the digital information in your mobile phone. But for detailed information about canoe camping grounds, lifting passages, obstacles, transport by canoe wagons and legnth of routes, a detailed canoe map is a must.

For Lagaleden (Unnen?Bolmen?Bolmån and Lagan) there are two maps, Bolmen?Unnen and Bolmån?Lagan?Kattegatt. They cost 50 SEK each and are sold to canoe renting guests.

Booking and payment

Booking by email to: or by phone to +46 705 404502 or +46 372 54045

Please contact us if you need further information or have special wishes.

Payment upon arrival, we prefer payment by card. A deposit of 15% should be paid at the latest two days after booking.

  • Bank account (Swedish customers): 5584-9616
  • Danish customers, deposit at Danske Bank reg no 3163, account no 3163755564
  • Other nationalities: Iban: SE796000 0000 0006 4315 4612, Bic:HANDSESS

During the trip we ask for a deposit of 1000 SEK or DKK ? or two driving licenses.

We accept payments by VISA, Maestro and Master Card payment-cards-logoes