Find the way

GPS: search: Bolmåns Kanot, or Nöttja, or Ågården.

Bus: Ljungby bus station. Taxi to Nöttja,19 km. From Halmstad towards Ljungby, after 58 km, exit at ”Nöttja”. 5 km walk to Nöttja and the Canoe Centre.

Train: Älmhults trainstation. Taxi to Nöttja (35 km). We recommend taxi companies in Älmhult.

Car: E4 (Helsingborg – Stockholm). Exit at "Trafikplats Hamneda" 110 km north of Helsingborg, 19 km south of Ljungby. Follow signs towards Nöttja. Then after 4 km sign to ”Kanotcentral”.


When starting at Bolmån from the canoe centre at Nöttja: free parking for car/bus.

Groups arriving by public transport: We help you arrange transport by taxi or bus to the canoe central or the starting point chosen by you.

Groups arriving by car: If you wish to start your canoe trip at another place than the canoe centre, go to the place agreed upon, unload passengers and luggage. The drivers then go with the car/cars to the canoe centre where they park and travel back to the place of departure with the canoe transport.

After the canoe trip: the same procedure. Taxi/bus picks you up at the end point at a time agreed upon two hours in advance. Alternatively: the drivers go with the return transport to the canoe centre and the rest wait at the end place.


Booking and payment

Booking by email to: or by phone to +46763728000 , alt +4637254045

Payment upon arrival, only with credit card (see below).

Upon booking, preferably in good time, approximately 15 percent of the estimated cost is paid as a deposit.

  • Danish customers: transfer to Danske Bank - SVERIGE:IBAN - kontonummer: SE9512000000013690127009. SWIFT-KOD: DABASESX
  • Swedish customers: Bankgiro 5584-9616
  • Bookings from Germany, Holland, Belgium, or elsewhere : IBAN:SE796000 0000 00064315 4612, Bic: HANDSESS

We are - for logistical reasons - completely dependent on the booked time for arrival at the starting point and time for pick-up at the canoe trip.
When starting at a place other than the canoe center, we must have the exact time.
Unfortunately, we cannot handle any delays (for whatever reason) as the canoe center is completely unmanned at non-booked times.

During the trip, we wish to have a driver's license or the equivalent of 1000 SEK as security.

We accept payments with VISA, Maestro and Master Card.