Health care: Ljungby Hospital +46372585000
Police-Fire brigade: emergency: 112, non-emergency: 11414

Food, other service

Ljungby, 19 km. Community centre with hospital, health care, pharmacy, supermarkets och all sorts of community services.
Markaryd, Traryd, Strömsnäsbruk, Råstorp, Knäred, Laholm Unnaryd: Several stores, doctors clinics.

Tourist offices


Things to see and do in Ljungby
Ljungbergmuseet Ljungby (19 km) (Art museum, mostly paintings) 0372 62036
Sagomuseet (19 km) Swedish folk lore 0372 14855
Begravningsmuseet (19 km) (Museum of funeral customs)
Nöttja kyrka (1 km) , build around 1200, mediaval wallpaintings and baptismal.
Elinge Älgpark (6 km) Moose park 070 8700822
Laganland Elchpark,Lagan (30 km) 0372 30880

Things to see and do in Älmhult (35 km)
Linnés Råshult (43 km) The "flower king" Carl von Linné's birth place (natur och kulturmuseum samt kultursreservat) Tel 0476 21318.
More info: +476 55000
The first department store of world wide IKEA, opened in 1958.

Things to see and do in: Småland/Halland
Store Mosse Nationalpark (North of Värnamo, (75 km) 7.740 hectar of stort swoomp ground, the biggest south of Lapland, with the unique bird lake, Kävsjön)

Bruno Mattsson Center, Värnamo (65 km) (0370 300540), the world famous furniture architect?s home and studio at the nature and open air museum of Apladalen

Källemo Möbeldesign, Värnamo, (65 km) 0370 15000

Astrid Lindgrens Värld (Astrid Lindgrens Welt), Vimmerby (209 km) 0492 79800

Smålands Museuum/ Sveriges Glasmuseum (Swedens glas museum) Växjö (78 km), (also the steamboat Thor at Helgasjön och the Castle ruin of Kronoberg) 0470 704200

Huseby Bruk, (60 km) 0470 752097. Small industrial community with a cultural heritage value.

The coast of Halland and Halmstad (63 km), Laholm (56 km) and Båstad (70 km) are called the Swedish Riviera med among other things 12 km of the best beach of Kattegatt, from Båstad in the south to the mouth of Lagan (close to Laholm) i the north. Båstad is tennis town of Sweden it has a picturesque city centre, fantastic surrounding with the unique island Hallands Väderö, where you can go for a seal safari. Laholm is the art and summer city med the sea restort Skummeslövsstrand and Mellbystrand.

Halmstad is also a summer city far mor than its four most renowned Tylösand, Haverdal, Frösakull and Östra stranden. Halmstad is one of Swedens most renowned summer towns.

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