Canoe prices 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE! The canoe centre is only open at pre-booked times.
Information, prices and questions in general via email: or by phone +46763728000


Multiple day tours "Per Canoe, In groups of 2 – 20 canoes" Price
Per canoe, per commenced day (not daily prices). 300 SEK/starting day
NOTE. Canoe camping check are mandatory for multiple day tours
Multi-day tours with a single canoe (1-2 people). Price
Per canoe, per commenced day (not daily prices). 350 SEK/starting day
NOTE. Canoe camping check are mandatory for multiple day tours
Trip by the hour or day tours Price
1 canoe 400 SEK
2 or more canoes 375 SEK/canoe

Extra equipment / addons

Extra equipment / addons Price
Extra for 3rd person (canoe seat) 50 SEK/starting day
Canoe transport trolley 50 SEK/starting day
Luggage container 40 SEK/piece/day
Trangia storm kitchen (cleaned upon return) 100 SEK/trip
- Trangia fuel 70 SEK/bottle
Canoe camping check Se below!


Same price as canoes (see above). For a double kayak you pay an additional 100 SEK per day..


For multi-day trips, canoe camping checks are mandatory, they are purchased the same time as the canoe rent.

Checks required for overnight stay at canoe campsites, costs SEK 40 per night for anyone over the age of 16. Small children: no fee.

We accept no multi-day rental of canoes/kayaks without camping checks. For accurate reporting to the campsite hosts, we collect info about which camp sites have been used, after the trips.

We want to be sure all camp sites are up to par, with firewood, firepits and clean toilets.


We have fixed prices for transporting canoes out / home. When traveling or returning, a person can travel with no charge.

The price for transport depends on the number of canoes:

Starting fee: 300 SEK + fee as shown below, out / home:

Fee per km km, excl starting fee 300 SEK

Number of Canoes/Kayaks Price
1-2 Canoes/Kayaks 4.90 SEK/ km
3-4 Canoes/Kayaks 6.00 SEK/ km
5-6 Canoes/Kayaks 7.50 SEK/ km
7-8 Canoes/Kayaks 9.00 SEK/ km
9-10 Canoes/Kayaks 10.00 SEK/ km


To inform about obstacles, admissions, resting places and passages, there are physical maps to buy (for the entire route 100 SEK, for northern or southern: 50 SEK per map sheet).

Lagan route

Maps in digital form : ( selfprint )

Laganleden overview. Not useful for paddling, use the detailed maps above

Booking and payment

Booking by email to: or by phone to +46763728000

Payment upon arrival, only with credit card (see below).

Upon booking, preferably in good time, approximately 15 percent of the estimated cost is paid as a deposit.

  • Danish customers: transfer to Danske Bank - SVERIGE:IBAN - kontonummer: SE9512000000013690127009. SWIFT-KOD: DABASESX
  • Swedish customers: Bankgiro 5584-9616
  • Bookings from Germany, Holland, Belgium, or elsewhere : IBAN:SE796000 0000 00064315 4612, Bic: HANDSESS

We are - for logistical reasons - completely dependent on the booked time for arrival at the starting point and time for pick-up at the canoe trip.
When starting at a place other than the canoe center, we must have the exact time.
When starting from the canoe center in Nöttja +/- half an hour.
Unfortunately, we cannot handle any other delays (for whatever reason) as the canoe center is completely unmanned at non-booked times.

During the trip, we wish to have a driver's license or the equivalent of 1000 SEK as security.

We accept payments with VISA, Maestro and Master Card.