Bolmåns Canoe Centre

You find us at Ågården, Nöttja, only five kilometers from the E4, 19 km south of Ljungby.

Our canoes are paddled mainly at Lagaleden, one of the southernmost longest canoe trails, with the possibility to paddle 150 kilometers via the lake Bolmen, Storån (Slättö mill), Bolmån and Lagan down to Mellbystrand at the Kattegat. River paddling dominates, except that Bolmen with its 184 square kilometers alone provides the opportunity for multi-day trips. The Lagaleden trail is paddled from north to south.

Popular trip: Start at Canoe centre in Nöttja with about 70-80 km paddling to/towards Kattagatt. The trip to the sea takes 3-5 days.

From the canoe center: obstacle-free paddling in Bolmån / Lagan, with the passage of a couple of small lakes, to Traryd. A day trip entirely on water and without transport zones.

Prior to booking: Read our terms and conditions and paddle opportunities.

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Our canoes and kayaks


All our canoes are stabila and seaworthy INKAS aluminimum canoes, approved by the Swedish Maritime Authourities. We use the larger model, length 5,25 m, weight 38 kg.

As touring canoe it is suitable for two persons with extra equipment and packing, for shorter day tours it may hold tree persons, extra seat added.

Kayaks (limited number)

Prion Cruiser, singel/double and single Seabird.


For overnight stays, Canoe camping checks is always required (40 SEK / person / night). However, no cost for children under 13 years. This rule generally applies to Lagaleden.

With Canoe camping checks is included payment for overnight stay at camp sites with access to grill, firewood for bonfire, tank toilet, garbage can. And - of course - place for tents. Some camp sites also have shelters.

Along the Lagaleden there are 18 camp sites to choose from. The sites are presented on the paddle map for Lagaleden on this website. Some have access to drinking water.

Wild camping not allowed!!

The public right normally gives the right to a night's overnight stay in the nature. But…. In view of the risk of damage to nature, we consistently say no to such kind of "wild camping" in connection with canoe trips and always refer to camp sites where you pay with your canoe check.

Lagan route

Maps in digital form : ( selfprint )

Laganleden overview. Not useful for paddling, use the detailed maps above