For planning of fishing, contact the tourist offices or see info on iFiske.

The Bolmån Canoe Centre does not sell fishing cards for the many FVOs (fish protection areas) in Unnen, Bolmen, Kösen, Bolmån, Exen (including the southern part of Bolmån), Lagan ( to Traryd in the south), Hammarsjön, Lagan (to the county border), and the FVOs in Halland from Knäred to Skogaby (including the Hjörneredsjöarna).

Below some information for those of you interested in buying fishing cards.

The normal price for fishing cards is 30 - 50 SEK for each FVO (fish protection area). Additional fee for fly fishing in a special salmon fishing area in Bolmån (north our our canoe centre). On the canoe maps sold by us each FVO is marked.

Fishing cards


Via Smartphone app, internet or SMS fishing cards can be bought and paid at iFiske for following fishing waters along the Laganleden

  • ­Bolmen (from Slättö kvarn to Skeen)
  • ­Kösen
  • ­Exen fvo (incl. south part of Bolmån)
  • ­Markaryds fvo (from Strömsnäsbruk to the county border to Halland)

Purchase directly here



More information about fishing:

Anders Johansson, Dyhult +46 706877146
Vallsnäs camping, Vallsnäs, Unnaryd: +46 37160233

See webpage: Bolmens FVO
Ljungby kommun, tourist office,+46 (0)372789220
Tiraholm Fisk +46(0)37164019
Bolmen Marin +46(0)37223100

Steakhouse, Liagårdsv. Skeen +46(0)37222086

Kjell Sjödahl +46(0)7054075

Exen FVO:
Shell bensinstation, Strömsnäsbruk (E4) +46(0)43320950
ICA Nära, Strömsnäsbruk,+46(0)43320661
Peter Carlsson, Skararp +46(0)37253087
Sven Jansson, Skararp +46(0)43353097
Markaryds turistbrå +46(0)43372034
ICA Nära, Strömsnäsbruk +46(0)43320661

Lagan (Hamneda­Traryd FVO)
Markaryds FVO (Lagan)
Hammarsjön FVO, Strömsnäsbruk (Lagan)
Shell bensinstation, Strömsnäsbruk (E4) +46(0)43320950
Markaryd turistbyrå +46(0)43372034
ICA Nära, Strömsnäsbruk +46(0)43320661

Lagan­Hjörneredsjöarnas FVO:
Mellan Knäred (nedre kraftverket t o m Hjörneredsjöarna):
Tourist office, Laholm,+46(0)43015450
Coop, Knäred, +46(0)43050021

Fishing waters

Bolmån offers trout streams och calm waters with pike -och picke-perch (zander). The river is 8 km and offers fly fishing areas. If you prefer lake fishing, big pikes and perch-pikes (zander) are abundant in lake Exen.

Along Bolmån the angler may catch bream and other whitefish. Within easy reach from Ågården is also the large, fish-filled lake Bolmen and Lagan with pike, perch-pike and trout.

Bolmån has both falls and calm waters. The river is famous for its trout fishing.Here - mainly in the long Kvarnaforsen - fly fishing is a real challenge. Bolmån at its calmer parts offers good fishing for perch, pike, perch-pike (zander) and whitefish. Bolmån flows into the lake Exen, rich with fish like perch-pikes and large pikes. The lake is 350 hectar big and at its deepest only nine meter, it is therefore also an excellent bathing lake. Bolmån continues downstreams from Exen and into the Lagan river. From Ågården you have more than 20 km of fishing water in Bolmån and Lagan.

Fishing season

You can fish the year round. I Bolmån however only from April 1? October 1. For pike spring and automn is best. Perch salmon is at its pest during early summer and early autumn. Perch- och perch-pike (zander) best during summer.

Fly fishing for perch salmon. Spinn-, trolling- och jigg fishing pike, perch and and more.

Fishing card is required. All unhurt fish not consumed should be thrown back in the water.