Route alternatives along the Laganled

We describe only paddling at Lagaleden. It is possible to also use our canoes on other routes. But only after special agreement.

Bolmån is the "heart" in one of Sweden's longest canoe routes - Laganleden (see map). Along the route - starting at Slättö mill, west of Värnamo and ending in the sea Kattegatt near Laholm - there are many canoe camping grounds. All have toilets, fire places with grill and firewood, some grounds have fresh water.

Experienced canoers go the whole length in 2-4 days, families rather need a week to do the same.

Laganleden, 170 km, offers varied paddling. You can choose beween river- or sea paddling or a combination. The Lagaleden goes through the counties of Småland and Halland. From Slättö kvarn (Slättö mill) in the north you go southwards along the meandering Storån to the majestic lake Bolmen, 10th largest in Sweden. Bolmen,182 square meters, offers several days of paddling, wheather permitting. If you wish, you can make a detour to the beautiful lake Unnen. Then you continue south from Bolmen into the Bolmån river via lake Kösen - Nöttja (The Bolmån Canoe Centre) - lake Exen and into the Lagan river. You pass the villages Traryd, Strömsnäsbruk, Markaryd, Knäred and Laholm.

We provide canoe maps for Laganleden, one for the north and one for the south. These maps give detailed information about obstacles and canoe camping sites.

”Wind protected” river paddling

For river paddling, which is not so sensitive to wind conditions, the Bolmån Canoe Centre is a good starting point.
If you prefer to paddle in the big lake Bolmen or other waters in the north we recommend that you start at Piksborg, 13 km to the north of our canoe centre.

There are more alternatives like Dyhult, Odensjö, Önnekvarn, Möllekvarn, Bolmsö, samhället Bolmen, Bolmstad, Tannåker and Sunnaryd (northern Bolmen), Forsheda and Slättö kvarn (Storån). Good starting points to the south (downstream the canoe centre) are Traryd, Timsfors, (Råstorp) near Markaryd..

Some route suggestions

Canoe centre (Nöttja) – Traryd
Mostly river paddling / One day (or one day including overnight stay) through Bolmån/Lagan and the bathing sea Exen.

Canoe centre (Nöttja) – Råstorp (Markaryd)
Mostly river paddling, two small lakes are passed. Varied paddling, beautiful views. 2-3 days.

Canoe centre (Nöttja) – Mellbystrand vid Kattegatt
Varied paddling, mainly river paddling in Bolmån/Lagan. Some challenges, bathing lakes. 3-5 days.

Piksborg/Bolmens/Odensjö - Nöttja
River paddling, passage of two lakes (Kösen-Exen), if preferred passage by canoe wagons of dangerous Kvarnagårdsforsen. 2-4 days.

Bolmen (med Unnen)
Start at Bolmen (in the south) or Unnen. Canoe wagons needes for three short passages. 2-4 days. The route also passes two minor lakes, the Big Slätten and the Small Slätten.

Bolmen Runt
Start in the south - or at Storån in the north. Visit to "the wiking island" of Bolmsö eller any of the 365 islands. Some island are nature protected areas. Go mostly on the west side or east of Bolsmö, the lake is wind exposed. 2-5 days.

Lagan route

Maps in digital form : ( selfprint )

Laganleden overview. Not useful for paddling, use the detailed maps above